About Us


A Single Source for Materials, Technology and Solutions

A premier provider of architectural envelope cladding systems, Facade Technology delivers durable, high-performance, energy-efficient, sustainable exterior facades that maximize the performance of both materials and systems technology.  For architects, we bring visions to life in virtually any design or material.

For building owners, we bring projects in on time and within budget.  For both, we offer a single-source solution that simplifies and streamlines the design, testing, fabrication and installation process for new construction, retrofit or renovation of commercial and industrial structures.

Bringing It All Together

When you work with Facade Technology, you gain the advantage of full-service project management, and the benefit of professionals who are highly experienced, performance-driven and proud of the work they do.  Our team of construction experts manages everything from design support, to materials fabrication, Building Information Modeling (BIM), full-scale mock-up testing, pre-construction planning, construction management and more.  We can also participate in helping you achieve sustainability and LEED standards.

Specializing in Urban Construction

Subways, underground vaults, bike lanes, tenants, pedestrians, traffic and extremely tight spaces are all part of the challenge in inner-city construction sites. This is where Facade Technology excels. New York City – Manhattan and its boroughs — are our specialty, and we have been highly successful in creating solutions to the complexities of urban construction sites.  Facade Technology’s building market also extends to urban and suburban sites throughout the Northeast.  Wherever we build, our goal is to exceed expectations and deliver an outstanding project.