BIM & Testing

Precise Modeling and Testing

Every building component and system is precisely modeled and tested by Facade Technology to assure that all compliance, performance, energy and functionality goals are met.

Building Information Modeling

Our in-house engineering professionals create highly detailed and precise digital representations of the physical and functional components of planned buildings using Building Information Modeling (BIM).  This collaborative modeling process results in one coherent system of computer models rather than separate sets of drawings,  offering enormous gains in cost and time savings,  estimation accuracy,  and the avoidance of errors, alterations and rework due to information loss.

BIM helps Facade Technology enhance design and systems analysis, construction planning and management, and communication and coordination between designers, fabricators, contractors and installers.

Full-Scale Dynamic Testing

For buildings with high-exposures and demanding weatherability requirements, Facade Technology creates a full-scale model of critical building sections and components, and arranges for certified-witness testing at qualified testing facilities.  This assures that the proposed design and construction specifications meet or exceed all moisture intrusion, airflow, thermal and other performance and weatherability expectations and requirements.